Cara mengatasi lupa password Akun Gmail

Lupa password adalah salah satu masalah yang banyak dihadapi banyak orang. Tidak mesti password gmail sering juga orang lupa dengan password smartphone mereka sendirisehingga membuat mereka geram dan harus mereset ulang ponsel mereka agar dapat digunakan lagi.

Nah, disini saya akan menjelaskan bagaimana cara mengatasi jika lupa password itu kata sandi Gmail anda. Kita sering menyepelekan password Gmail ini ketika pertama anda beli ponsel, sehingga ketika anda ingin menggantikan password baru anda sudah lupa password lama dikarenakan lama tidak login ke Gmail tersebut.
Kalau hal itu terjadi kepada anda, anda tidak perlu khawatir dulu, karena Gmail tidak lupa dengan password anda cuma anda tidak ingat kata sandinya. Jika anda bisa melewati langkah langkah yang akan diberikan oleh Gmail dan proses validasi bisa anda lewat kan kemungkinan besar anda akan mendapat kembali password lama anda. Nah Bagaimana cara anda mendapat kata sandi  baru jika kata sandi yang lama anda gunakan itu lupa? 
Simak selengkapnya…

Cara Mengatasi Lupa Password Gmail

Sebelum anda mengganti kata sandi baru, anda harus melewati beberapa langkah ini agar anda bisa mendapatkan kata sandi baru yang akan dikirim oleh pihak google :

forgot password/lupa kata sandi

Ketika pertama beli ponsel pasti yang pertama di minta adalah Gmail. Pastikan anda mengingat alamat email kedua anda atau alamat mail pemulihan untuk memverifikasi akun Gmail anda.
Pastikan anda belum login ke akun Gmail anda tersebut selama 5 hari, karena untuk keamanan data anda dari orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab.

Klik forgot password dihalaman ketika  anda masuk atau login akun email anda, masukkan alamat email anda dulu. Dibawah anda tulisan forgot password, click dan next.
Setelah itu anda akan ditanyakan beberapa pertanyaan untuk memastikan anda itu bukan robot, dan pemilik akun Gmail tersebut. Di setiap pertanyaan masukan dengan benar dan jika sudah klik next untuk melanjutkan ke langkah berikutnya.
Jika pertanyaan yang diajukan google anda lupa dan tidak bisa menjawab maka yang anda harus lakukan anda bisa gunakan email kedua dan nomor telepon anda yang sering digunakan.
Pertanyaan yang sering ditanyakan oleh google adalah kata sandi lama anda, verifikasi data anda, dan nomor ponsel yang anda gunakan untuk memulihkan akun gmail anda.
terakhir, Jika anda sudah melewati beberapa langkah diatas kemungkinan besar anda akan mendapatkan kembali akun gmail anda, dan menetapkan anda sebagai pemilik akun tersebut.

Nah, itu beberapa cara yang harus anda lewati sebelum anda mengembalikan password akun gmail anda. Saran saya untuk menulis atau menyimpan kata sandi yang telah anda ubah itu, masukkan ke akun gmail anda tersebut.


Inspect URLs for security and to prevent attacks

In the world of cybercrime, phishing ranks among the top crimes. Ignorant users get tricked into visiting malicious websites which may appear like the real one, share their sensitive information and maybe download malware into systems. One way to be protected from phishing attacks is to be cautious about which link you click.
One can never be sure of where an innocent-looking link could lead you. Granted, it is unrealistic to stop clicking links in general. So one option is to inspect all links you come across. Especially those coming from so-called friends or from sources which appear trustworthy.
Also, read: Password Secrets: Why Your Password is Never Secure

1. Checking for authenticity

You receive an email supposedly from your bank, asking you to visit the website and log in to your account for a certain purpose. A link is provided at the bottom the page. Do not click it. The first thing to do is the copy said link and paste into your browser. Then examine it to ensure it matches the email of the company it claims to be.
Attackers are smart and will try to make the site’s URL look similar to that of the original site. You may see something like Notice the double “e”? It appears similar to the original site: Watch out for such similarities. Double-check if you have to.

2. Checking for security

Always try to use sites with HTTPS (HTTP Secure). It is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which was brought up to bring about more security over the internet. It especially prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and leads to more security over transactions which may or may not be sensitive in nature.
Even if a network is insecure, HTTPS will create a secure channel to and from it. Using (HSTS) HTTP Strict Transport Security will reduce vulnerability to SSL stripping attacks. Of course, a site with HTTPS doesn’t automatically make it safe on all grounds, but it should at least improve confidence. Other checks can be performed.

3. Inspecting shortened links

Some URLs are often shortened to track clicks, make it more pleasing to the eye. URL shortening also disguises the actual address. Actual legitimate companies may do this, but hackers could also exploit this to hide where a certain link could lead you. Shortened URLs can be inspected using an online tool at Simply paste the link into the blank and watch as the underlying site gets revealed. Now you know the actual address. It’s your choice to decide whether or not the site is worth visiting.

4. Using POST not GET for sensitive information

Anyone familiar with PHP may have heard of the POST and GET superglobals. They are both request methods used with HTTP. Conventionally, they are mostly used when uploading files and forms; log in and sign up forms included, our main point of interest. It is the developer’s job to make sure the right request is used.
It is widely accepted that the POST request should be used when submitting sensitive information like usernames, passwords etc. The GET request shows the requested and submitted info/parameters in the URL. So if you submit details like a password, it appears in the URL. This is a simple GET request:


Hackers could intercept such data and make use of it. Web browser history and server logs will show the URL, so even HTTPS could only protect such data in transit. In addition, the GET command lengthens URL by the added information it shows. The POST method doesn’t show the parameter, hence making it the option of choice for submitting sensitive info. Developers should take note of this. If you’re a user, you may want to be more vigilant about what exactly displays in the URL once you hit the submit button.


Cybersecurity is and always will be a grave issue. Being online has its pros and cons. While using the internet, keep yourself vigilant. Be guarded and always willing to inspect everything you come across especially links. Not everything that appears safe is. There will always be malicious people out there looking for their next victim. Don’t be a victim.


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Best Websites To Download Free Computer Programming eBooks

As a personal fan of reading, I have got my fair share – or more than my fair share of books. My digital library is massive. There is joy in finding a website which has exactly what you need. Books! And best of all, when such are available for download at no cost. Have you been wondering where to get legitimate programming e-books? Here’s a list of suggestions:

Best Websites For Free Programming eBooks

1. Oreilly books
This website has books in almost every computer science domain, ranging from programming to cyber-security. The best thing of all is these books are written by professionals on the topic of interest. Simply navigate to a topic or programming language, or use the search bar to find what I need. By the way, if you’re a beginner web developer, do get this book from Oreilly books. I for one found it very helpful, as it contains five web technologies as well as many projects and a full-blown project (building a basic social media page) at the end.

2. Tutorialspoint
This is a personal favorite of mine. It contains basically everything. Beginners, no matter their programming language, would find what they need here. Their programming books, especially those with a focus on mastering a particular programming language, are tailored for beginners.

It includes everything from the history, appropriate software and curriculum. Of course, there are appropriate examples on almost every page. Their books are available as PDF downloads for those who prefer offline reading.
3. GoalKicker
This site is a recent discovery of mine. And I am so glad I found it. Their books have been a real help. After looking through a few books, I discerned that most of their content is written by a group of contributors, often from popular sites like Stack Overflow. All those documentation questions asked in the community have been salvaged to write helpful books on several programming languages, frameworks, and concepts.
Practical examples are available. Simply click on a book on their site and navigate to the download button. Most books come in hundreds of pages, and some, like this android programming book clocked over a thousand pages.
That should put into perspective how much useful information the books carry. It’s impressive that the content of GoalKicker’s books is crowdsourced from diverse contributors. Different people, different ideas equates to a perfect compilation of pages. Did you know that you can also propose to add or update something from existing books?

Final Words

Hopefully, the above sources help you get what you want. Obviously, there must be other sites out there with good, free and downloadable books. I stuck to mentioning only the spots I’ve personally used, so as to give accurate reviews. I’m always looking forward to finding and reading new books. One cannot have too many of them. If you know any cool sites which I may have left out, do mention in the comment section.


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Google Brings Responsive Search Ads

Google Brings Responsive Search Ads With Machine Learning Integration

Last month, Google announced sweeping changes to the company’s portfolio of advertisement products by streamlining its offerings such as AdWords and making it easier for businesses and advertisers to choose the most suitable option for their campaigns.

At the Google Marketing Live event today, Google has unveiled new ad marketing tools that come with machine learning smarts and has announced the integration of ML tools in existing products.Among the key announcements made by Google at the event were improved optimization for responsive search ads, ways to boost impressions and footfalls, and tools to deliver impactful ads on YouTube to name just a few.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads combine the relevant ad data and creative input provided by advertisers with machine learning algorithms to maximize the impact of ads. For example, advertisers need to provide headlines and description lines, and the Adwords tool backed by machine learning will automatically test different combinations to identify those which perform the best, adapting the ad material to best suit the search query of potential customers and bolster the success rate of the ad campaign.
Google claims that advertisers who employed the advanced ML-backed responsive search ads saw up to 15% more clicks on their ads. In an official blog post, Google has revealed that the rollout of responsive search ads will be done over the course of the next few months.


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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supports Face Unlock for multiple faces

Unlocking your smartphone with your face is becoming a much-wanted feature as of late. With OnePlus offering one of the fastest solutions on the market, and Nokia and Huawei looking to follow suit, the feature is clearly in high demand. There are a few drawbacks, though, including security concerns and the fact that you can only add one face at a time, which is disappointing if you share a device with your family. That’s set to change, though, as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supports face unlock for multiple saved faces at a time.

This means that you will be able to add more than one face to your device’s face unlock feature and you can identify each face. They all unlock the device just as quickly so you don’t need to worry about adding too many. We assume there will be a limit on how many faces you can add, but that information isn’t available to us yet. Technology blog Beebom first covered this news after speaking with a Qualcomm spokesperson at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, however, we reached out to Qualcomm ourselves and were told that only the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supports face unlock for multiple faces. We were told that none of the other chipsets mentioned in the Beebom report including the Snapdragon 636, Snapdragon 660, or Snapdragon 710 support the feature.

We aren’t aware of whether devices from current OEMs take advantage of this technology yet. Even if they did, they would likely customize it heavily to give it their own flare. SenseTime, the Chinese AI company that is behind this facial recognition technology, already works with a number of device makers to tune their biometric facial recognition technology. Now that this technology is supported on the Snapdragon 845 platform, it’ll make it easier for device makers to integrate face unlock on their devices.


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Whats App text is highlighted in red

If your WhatsApp text is highlighted in red, this is what it means

Taking heed of the growing incidents of unsolicited messages being shared on WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company is all set to roll out a new feature which will help in checking the misuse of the platform.

If your WhatsApp text is highlighted in red, this is what it could mean

Taking heed of the growing incidents of unsolicited messages being shared on WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company is all set to roll out a new feature which will help in checking the misuse of the platform. The feature, called ‘Suspicious Link Detection,’ is currently in testing and will be rolled out in the near future.

The feature is presently available on the 2.18.204 beta version of WhatsApp. Whenever a user receives a link to a third party website, WhatsApp will conduct a background check to verify the authenticity of the website and will alert the user if it identifies something suspicious.

Upon identifying a dubious website, WhatsApp will mark it with a red label, which will highlight that the message is either spam or will redirect to a fake website. Nevertheless, if the user still proceeds to open the link, WhatsApp will alert him/her one final time that the link is possibly a suspicious link.
Additionally, there are other measures WhatsApp is taking to curb the misuse of the platform, namely:
a) A user can block an irksome contact. Upon receipt of a message from an unknown source, WhatsApp provides an option to either block or add the contact.
b) Group administrators can allow or restrict other members from sending messages in a group.
c) The “Forwarded” label allows users to identify whether the message has been written or forwarded.
WhatsApp will also be awarding $50,000 to independent researchers who study the spread of false propaganda on the communication platform and highlight measures for curtailing the same. The company has established a ‘WhatsApp Research Awards for Social Science and Misinformation’ which states, “WhatsApp is commissioning a competitive set of awards to researchers interested in exploring issues that are related to misinformation on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Research Awards will provide funding for independent research proposals that are designed to be shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, and wider scholarly and policy communities.” The monetary award is unrestricted, which implies that the awardee may utilize the prize amount for any cause.
Recently, the Government of India had instructed WhatsApp to take swift measures to prevent the spreading of “irresponsible and explosive messages” through its platform. On July 1, five people were lynched to death in Dhule district of Maharashtra by villagers who suspected the deceased of being child-lifters. WhatsApp responded to the Government by stating that it is horrified by the terrible acts of violence perpetrated by people influenced by false messages shared on the platform. It further outlined steps to curtail such abuse, which include product controls, digital literacy, and fact-checking.


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